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MVP Negotiates Two Book Deal with Nicole Helget

Minneopa Valley Press Negotiates Two-Book Deal With Nicole Helget

Minneopa Valley Press, a publishing company specializing in rural literary fiction and nonfiction, owned by Deborah and Brian Fors of The History Writers, has negotiated a two-book deal with the multi-genre author, Nicole Helget. Helget is the author of The Summer of Ordinary Ways, The Turtle Catcher, Stillwater, and several middle-grade novels. The latest, The End of the Wild, earned three starred reviews from Publisher’s Weekly, Kirkus, and Booklist.

“I’m thrilled to find a home at Minneopa Valley Press,” said Helget. “Requiem, the working title of my nonfiction collection, is about rural life in an area experiencing massive transition in terms of economy and environment and culture. Deborah and Brian really get this. I think Minneopa Valley Press can do exactly what I hope my book does: start an honest and sometimes uncomfortable conversation about who we are and what our place in the nation and the world is and is going to be.”

Minneopa Valley Press was launched in early 2017 in southern Minnesota. Its mission includes diversifying the representation of rural writers in the book market, as well as developing personal relationships with authors and readers.

“We grew up in rural areas, have spent a good portion of our careers in rural areas, and find ourselves drawn to the fascinating stories to be heard and experienced there,” said Brian Fors, publisher of Minneopa Valley Press. “We believe Requiem represents this interest and gives voice to the variety that makes up rural life – the poignancy, heartbreak and joy, and success and failure. Nicole’s gift of storytelling engages the reader and compels one to think without being threatening.”

Requiem is set for publication in 2018. Minneopa Valley Press is also in negotiations with a Michigan writer for a memoir and a novel. The company is accepting manuscripts. For information on how to submit, please go online to