Our Vision:  Reading is a relationship between an author and a reader. Minneopa Valley Press is committed to providing a rich and professional publication experience for writers and an exceptional reading experience for book lovers.

Our Mission:  Minneopa Valley Press is an independent publisher of literary fiction and creative nonfiction, including memoir and essay collections. With a strong sense of place, we aspire to enrich the historical understanding of our dynamic environment and its varied people. We are committed to publishing high-quality literature that includes all aspects of rural America, from its history and diversity to its ecology, agriculture, culture, urbanization, and industry. 

Our Philosophy: We believe rural America merits a stronger presence in the body of published work. To that end, we strive to be a publishing company that attracts unknown and seasoned writers, disseminates rural-themed books to rural places, including independent bookstores, small libraries, schools, community colleges, small universities, coffee and gift shops, tourist destinations, and everywhere readers can be found. At the same time, we target larger traditional distribution markets to draw attention to our authors and our books, and to attract a larger audience. Minneopa Valley Press believes rural America must have a stronger voice in order to challenge stereotypes about its culture and to strengthen urban connections. Our books contribute fresh voices and add new perspectives to our human story.

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